ne of the most interesting aspects of travel in India is a bustling bazaar in the old area of any 
city. These bazaars are full of enchanting colours, you would have never experienced.

The most amazing thing of these bazaars is freely roaming animals including
cows, buffalos, dogs,monkeys, and pigs. And it is not surprising if these wild policemen (they do not harm) block your way, while you wander through the lanes of these bazaars. Wait till a cow or buffalo give you the way. In the mean time probably a monkey can draw your attention by his acrobatic actions.

Escrem wala... escrem wala! Can you hear a sound? Look at the corner; it

Want to drink Indian Chai. Come here

is an ice cream seller with his white decorated cart, calling his customers. Mostly school children returning to their homes flock around the cart for ice creams. In an Indian bazaar you can see several street vendors, selling everything from stocks and shares to replacement tooth! The ones
A shop of Wodden Sandles you'll see most often are Mochis (shoe-repair wallas) and Naees (pavementbarbers), whose tools of the trade may be nothing more than a razor, scissors and the all important mirror for the customers to admire themselves in.

The pavement dentist often has an impressive display of dentures and teeth, and an array of implements straight out of Middle Ages. Ear cleaners also ply their trade on the streets, and are easily recognized by their small red turbans, into which they stick their various pricks & prods.

Then there are the unemployed, selling various items on commission from
shops. You might see a boy trying to sell half a dozen pairs of black socks, another with pens, padlocks, Ayurvedic medicines, magazines, or cheap and nasty plastic toys. These very cheap items would definitely invoke you to think, as to how these boys make money at all!

While passing through the bazaar, green fresh vegetables would

Fresh vegetables & fruits market

Yummy. Hot & Spicy- Different kind of Indian Snacks certainly tempt you to take a snap. In a small shop (25-30 sq. ft area), it is amazing to notice as to how all varieties of fresh vegetables are wonderfully displayed. At the same time you might also see small outlets selling colourful fresh flowers, used as offerings in the temples.

Last but not the least is
Indian snacks. Halwai ki Dukan (Snacks shops) is a very common and most interesting feature of Indian bazaars. These shops sell a huge variety of Indian snacks such as
 Samosas, Kachoris, Baeraee, and Dahi Bare... and are always surrounded by the crowd, relishing the taste of these snacks. Isn't it yummy!

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