ysterious, beautiful, amazing, compelling, enchanting, delighting... are the words a traveller often uses for the kaleidoscopic images of India. Besides unmatched scenic beauty, glorious past and architectural marvels, It is the people of India, their beliefs, religions, unending traditions, colourful ceremonies, folk arts & crafts, tribal way of living, villages... make these images so vibrant and colourful.

A wide spectrum of striking contrasts, India is not a country just to visit, but feel its pulse to understand it better. We have assimilated here some of the enchanting colours to provide you with a glimpse of the unique land, called INDIA.
Auspicious Colours
(What is the role of colours in Hinduism?)

(Henna markings- a traditional art of adorning hands and feet)
Celebrating Indian Tastes
(Not only spicy and hot, but... yummy!)
Paan Chewing
(Paan- a most eaten chewing material as mouth freshener)
Colourful Bazaars
(Want to feel real pulse of India- visit bustling Indian Bazaars!)
(Holy men of India)
Cricket Mania
(In India Cricket is a religion, which everybody follows)
The Ganga (Holy Ganges)
(Lifeline of India)
India on Rails
(Most fascinating way to see real India)
The Hindu Marriage
(Most colourful ceremony in Hinduism)
Indian Villages
(...where soul of India resides!)
The Holy Cow
(Why is cow a holy animal for Hindus?)
Jungle is calling
(A glimpse of Indian wildlife)
The Tilak
(Why most Hindus wear a mark on their forehead, between the eyebrows?)
Kite Flying
(A most popular cultural sport of India from the time unknown)
Traditional Wearing
(Have you ever heard about the most elegant Indian wear, Sari?)




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