n archipelago of 572 most beautiful islands, with palm leaves dancing in the mild breeze, silver 
Andaman Islands- A slice of paradise sandy beaches, the sound of waves breaking on a coral reef, colourful marine life, lush green rain forests, and rare bird species, is certainly a perfect tropical paradise, known as Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Most of these islands are home to some of oldest tribes of India and only few are open to the foreign tourists. Rest are reserved for dense forest & indigenous tribal people. The Jarawas, Sentinelese, Andamanese, Shompens, Nicobarese and Onges lead their own distinct lifestyles and 
are now kept protected in their sanctuaries.
Port Blair, being the administrative capital of these islands, is the main centre of activity. In centre of the town is the lively & colourful bazaar of Aberdeen, constructed entirely of wood. The major attraction of Port Blair is the famous Cellular Jail, which was once British India's dreaded penal colony for Indian freedom fighters. The library here has some interesting books for those interested in knowing more about the indigenous tribes. The Anthropological Museum displays some tools, dresses and photographs of the aboriginal tribes. Another interesting place is Samudrika Marine Museum, where a keen visitor can enhance his knowledge about

The historical Cellular Jail, Port Blair

history & geography of the islands, their people, marine life, and archaeology.

Day trips from Port Blair offer various natural and historical excursions. One can sail to Viper Island
Colourful Marine Life to see the gallows made for the prisoners before the construction of Cellular Jail. A further sail leads to Ross Island, which was once beautiful town of British officers. It is now a deserted scene of crumbling and decaying buildings.

The other option is to hike up Mount Harriet to enjoy kaleidoscopic view of surrounding islands or visit Chiriya Tapu- a tiny fishing village with beaches & mangroves or lie down on silver-sandy Corbyn's cove beach to enjoy the sun. However don't miss National Marine Park (the
only marine park in the world!), which comprises 15 islands. The diverse scenery includes mangrove 
creeks, tropical rainforest, and reefs supporting 50 types of corals. One can have spectacular insight of marine ecology through glass-bottom boats, snorkelling, and scuba diving. The islands of Jolly Buoy, Red Skin, and Cinque are very well preserved and stunningly beautiful.

Looking for more Sea, Sun, Sand, and Surf? Take a boat through crystal clear water to the pristine beaches of Havelock & Neil Islands. Rangat, Long Island, Middle Andaman, and Little Andaman also offer 

School boys test the waters on Jolly Buoy Island

Captivating Sunset (As seen from Andaman Islands) uncountable virgin beaches, which will tempt you to elongate your stay. While sailing to these islands you can be escorted by a school of dolphins or spot giant sea tortoise and flying fish. The active volcano at Barren Island can be seen, though disembarkation is not allowed. Besides these, the amazing variety of seafood at various restaurants- Yummy!! (feeling hungry?)

So, the enchanting Andamans can be understood as a perfect relaxing destination, blessed with beautiful virgin beaches, lush forests, and exotic marine life. Such a charisma of Mother Nature is rarely seen anywhere else.


Getting there & away


Port Blair is connected by air with Chennai and Kolkata.
Ship travel is not advisable due to irregular sailings (between Port Blair & Chennai or Kolkata) and hygienic factors.

Foreign nationals



Foreign nationals need a special permit to visit the Andaman Islands, which can be obtained on arrival at Port Blair Airport for 30 days. Travellers arriving by ship will have to obtain permits at Chennai or Calcutta at Foreigner's registration office.

Foreign Nationals are not allowed to visit Nicobar Islands.

Best time to visit


December to March
Being the tropical islands, there is little seasonal variation in the climate. The temperature remains almost the same throughout the year. From May to November, it rains very heavily.

What to bring

Port Blair market is small & expansive. Hence bring all your essentials from the mainland. Also not to forget are- a lot of good books, some strong sun lotion, a pair of sunglasses, a hammock, and snorkelling equipment (if possible).


The Andaman Islands run the same time as Delhi i.e. the Indian Standard Time.


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