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Is the information provided by Eternal Glories reliable?
All the information we have provided on the site is true and reliable to the best of our knowledge, as we have extracted this from the very reliable sources. For example some of the content has been acquired from official sites of Govt. of India, Himachal Tourism, M.P Tourism, Tamilnadu Tourism, Maharashtra Tourism, Rajasthan Tourism, Karnataka Tourism and Kerala Tourism.

Besides this, we are extremely thankful to our family members (i.e. our invaluable clients) for their continuous support, providing us their precious comments, suggestions and beautiful moments of India (thru photographs), which we have included in our website to share it with you.

What's the climate like and when's the best time to visit?
The best time to visit this part of the world is from mid September till April. This period includes Autumn, Winter & Spring seasons. During this period weather remains very pleasant (cool, fresh mornings and evenings and dry, sunny days).

From May onwards till start of July it remains very hot due to summers, which is followed by monsoon rains till August end. Due to hot & humid weather, it is not supposed as tourist season.

However, of late, tourist arrivals have also increased in summers primarily because of the substantial off-season discounts. Moreover, since the hotel rooms, tourist buses & cars are air-conditioned, one feels the sun's glare only while doing sightseeing tours or shopping. But then who minds a good tan on the move!

How could I enlighten myself on different aspects of India?
We have tried our best to present the real essence of India thru the link Colours of India on our homepage. It has been our endeavour to cover different facets of Indian life, culture & heritage, religion, traditions etc. However, if you find anything missing or you feel that improvements should be made to enhance the impact of the website, we request you to please send us your invaluable feedback, enabling us to make it more informative & better presentable.

How can I inform myself about the destinations I am going to visit during my trip?
While surfing www.eternalglories.com, you can click on the link Enchanting Destinations, where you can find the details of some most sought after destinations. However if you are interested in the details of other destinations as well, we will be highly pleased to email you the same accordingly.

How can I know details of the hotels, I'm going to stay in during my trip?
Short description of all the hotels (e.g. property address and phone number, amenities etc.) along with photographs (if available) has been made available as an integral part of Tour section of the website, enabling you to have a fair idea about these properties.

In case of Tailor-made tours, we provide description of all the included hotels thru our communication with you

Where on the site can I find 'Travel Tips'?
On our homepage you can find Travel Tips under the link Enchanting Destinations. In this section you will find many useful travel tips along with some resources (e.g. Currency Converter, Currency Cheat Sheet, Weather finder, STD/ISD codes, Distances etc.). These Travel Tips are only for your guidance and offered to you only as a recommendation.

Where can I apply for an Indian VISA?
We request you to contact the nearest Indian Embassy/ Commission to know & fulfill the formalities required for obtaining an Indian VISA. Please go through Indian Embassies Abroad for the addresses & contact numbers.

How best can I get the flavour of a particular destination?
We would suggest you to try and interact with the locals of the area as much as possible to get the real flavour. There will definitely be a language problem but many people in small towns are quite fluent in English, which is a global language. You can also learn few Useful Hindi words & phrases, which you can speak with locals to make them surprised & delighted.

You can also buy a handicraft or souvenir, which is typical of the place. It would be better if you wear a piece of clothing from the place you are visiting (e.g. A sarong in Goa, a baandhani dupatta in Rajasthan) to blend in well with local colours.

I'm very particular about my kind of food. I think I'll face such problems.
Almost every tourist destination has some very good restaurants, which serve the food (Indian/Chinese/Continental) according to your tastes. French, Italian and Mexican dishes are also easy to find.

Whether it is good and cheap to eat outside the hotel?
Most of the restaurants in a tourist destination are cheaper in comparison to the restaurants in five/four star hotels and frequently visited by the local people. Hence eating outside could be a good experience, which will provide you the opportunity to meet local people.

However, we request you to check for a restaurant, where quality food is served, with your driver or local representative before eating outside, to protect yourself from any kind of health disorders.

Any cheap option to make ISD calls?
In every tourist destination you will find many STD/ISD booths, which are authorized by the government. We recommend you to call from these booths. These are reliable and give you receipts for the calls made.

Can I hire a mobile phone in India?
You can hire a mobile phone connection from international/domestic airports, departmental stores and often even from small roadside stores. In India mobile phone services are provided by private companies, which is at par with the best in the world.

Whom should I contact in case of any complaint?
In case of complaint please contact us directly on an immediate basis. We will look into the nature of complaint and advise you accordingly.


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