ave you already visited India through us or have you already become a precious member of Eternal Glories family?

If yes, we welcome you to India once again to discover its unexplored colours. However this time we offer you an attractive discount of 5% (five percent) on the total tour price (excluding Air Fare), as a token of our love and care towards our family members.

You can also avail this Super Saver, if you recommend us to your friends or relatives, provided that the recommendation results in the final booking of a tour. In this case you have the following the options for availing the Super Saver:
Option I: 5% discount in the total tour price (excluding Air Fare). Beneficiary would be the person, who visits India.
Option II: We will send you 4% (not 5%) of the total tour cost (excluding Airfare) through A/C payee Demand Draft, after the completion of the tour (after deducting the charges incurred in making of the Draft and sending the same to you thru courier).
Option III: We will add the equivalent amount (5% of total tour price, which excludes Airfare) to your account, which you can avail at the time of visiting India.
Option IV: If you wish, we will donate the equivalent amount (5% of total tour price, which excludes Airfare) to a NGO (named "Prayas") for the upliftment of street children. The receipt of the said amount will be sent to you for your records.

In the case of Option III, we will keep on adding the amount* for your each recommendation that converts into final booking, into your account. We will give you credit of this total amount at the time of billing of your next trip to India.

* However this add-on amount should not exceed 15% of your total tour cost. If it exceeds, you can avail the excess amount in your next trip to India.

You can check the total amount credited to your account anytime by sending us an email mentioning your Account Number. Account Number is a unique number that we allot to each of our client, on finalization of the booking.

Note: If you recommend anybody to us, please
inform us his/her name (along with email address), enabling us to give you the benefit of Super Savers accordingly. Also please do not forget to write your unique Account number and the desired option of Super Savers.

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