ear friends,

Till date, you would have traveled to different parts of the world (probably India also) thru many superbly efficient tour operators. And I am sure that you would have certainly enjoyed these trips up to your satisfaction, resulted only thru professional & personalized services of these operators.

Now the question arises as to why should you travel to India thru us, when you are already satisfied with your present tour operator?

We have one & only answer that India is not a country just to visit, but feel, in the same manner as you feel air, fragrance, beauty etc., to understand it better. And I assure you that after knowing it you will definitely fall in love with India. We all at Eternal Glories make you feel the real pulse of India. In other words we believe in glorifying your moments in India thru our clear vision & expertise.

I am sure that above clarification will definitely end all your queries. However I would like to append below some points, which will enable you to understand us better.

  1. We, at Eternal Glories, are a team of young, talented and very well experienced Travel Professionals, who are really proud of India. Indian Culture & Traditions run into our nerves, which makes us true Ambassadors of India.
  2. Our consultants have first hand product-knowledge, acquired through living in India, and regular training, which ensures high standards of services.
  3. Our tours are based on extensive ground research, refined through feedback from our past clients.
  4. Our tours typically include the major sites and monuments, the countryside and villages, perhaps a wildlife reserve, some relaxation - a beach or a mountain resort, and more. We also offer rejuvenation tours, which include meditation classes in natural surroundings; Yoga & Ayurveda resorts, meeting with spiritual gurus etc. to facilitate you with complete relief of mind, body & soul.

    The experience is greatly enhanced by using a variety of accommodations, varying the modes of transport and the inclusion of local cultural events. There is of course the occasional elephant or camel ride and trips on cycle-rickshaws, bullock carts, horse drawn carriages and boat rides.

  5. Our aim is to give you a true flavor of the land. This we feel is best achieved by bringing out the diversity of the region and by closer contact with local people. We take our clients to busy bazaars and colourful markets to make them feel the pulse of the city; into villages where they see craftsmen preserving ancient skills; into temples, mosques, churches etc. to know the religious diversity of the land; into schools with curious children, and into local family homes - to see how they live and even join them for a traditional meal. Not limited to this, we also encourage our clients to participate in local fairs & festivals, where they feel real essence of India, which in turn enriches their holiday experience.

  6. We use comfortable hotels opting for character and ambience with personalized service, good management and housekeeping. The hotels are carefully selected to enhance your holiday experience and offer value for money. You stay in luxury hotels - perhaps a grand palace, small character family owned properties "Havelis" - retaining the ambience of a bygone era, former royal hunting lodges and mansions, "Dak" bungalows set up in colonial days, and modern hotels. The selection is based on facilities and comfort, quality of service and the character of the property.

  7. We try to keep air travel to a minimum to show you the countryside- the real India. Most tours include some train travel where you not only see the country but also meet local travelers. However we strongly recommend traveling by road. You see the countryside, pass through villages and bazaars, and can stop if you find something interesting. Some roads are not as good as others but the drive is always worthwhile. Our drivers are familiar with local conditions and are trained to drive safely.

  8. We own an impressive fleet of premium cars and coaches (with air-conditioning facility - Air conditioned car supplement will be applicable, if this facility is availed), which provides a distinctive service edge to our groups and individual travelers. All our vehicles are equipped with facilities of an icebox, first-aid box, CDs & Cassettes of Indian classical & folk music and the like that might be required during the drives. All our drivers understand and speak fairly good English and are well trained to understand your needs. Our drivers remain always in touch with us during the entire tour, enabling us to have an expert eye on the smoothness your tour.

  10. Our network of own offices and associate offices throughout India with wide personal contacts in the subcontinent enable us to provide you better control of your holiday while offering you more.
  11. We are committed to reply to any of your queries within 24 hours. Even if you do not book a tour thru us, we would be highly pleased to reply to your queries related to Indian subcontinent, its people, culture, life styles etc., as we always feel honoured, sharing our knowledge with our clients.

  13. Two of our teammates can very well communicate in German Language, which is an added feature for our guests, who prefer to communicate in German language.

  15. The tours are designed after extensive ground research and benefit from the experience of our past clients whose comments and feedback have been thoroughly considered. You may, however, have different requirements which may include places not covered in our tours, varying the pace and duration at each place, different choice of hotels and modes of transport. We would be very pleased to design a comfortable & workable itinerary fulfilling your requirements within the limit of your budget. If our initial proposal does not suits you in its entirety, we would be happy to refine and amend it, as often as required, until you get satisfied.

  17. Our stringent quality control department monitors feedbacks from all our clients and endeavors to constantly improve the quality of service, making your moments in India a quality holiday of distinction

  18. Last but most important, we strongly believe in making everlasting relations with our clients, who become an integral part of our family. Our continuing success and outstanding growth is possible only due to our clients' eternal love & affection towards us, who keep on recommending us to family, friends and colleagues. We are really delighted to be a part of such a wonderful family, which is increasing day by day.

Looking forward to be blessed with a golden opportunity to glorify your moments in India,

Eternal Glories Team





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